Fly smart part One: Europe

Hi everyone,

I ‘d like to share my ideas tips according to my experiences with all of you. In this post I’d like to say a few words about airlines withing Europe.

First of all, I must advise everyone to look around in the cheap airlines, the best way to fly to Germany is through Germanwings, the prices might chance , better book in advance but also they have some days when they suddenly go down with the prices so watch out.

Don’t expect cheap airline tickets to be cheaper suddenly a few days before a planned travel. It can happen, but it can also go up twice the previous sum. It’s really like a lottery, I have experienced both of them, but betterto think in advance.

If you plan to go to Eastern Europe including Ukraine and Scandinavia, you can choose Wizzair which is expanding yearly with more and more target cities all aruond Eastern Europe and also Europe. I also like Jet4you as one of the very few cheap airlines which are french.

Also i have tried the italian Myair but their prices can go up quite high. One of the biggest cheap airlines is Ryanair they have good prices, and they fly to the most destinations among all the others it’s other advantage is that they also fly out of Europe but about this I will write in my next blog.

Many people use Easyjet as well, it’s also one of the few with great prices, only they don’t depart from my city Budapest anymore, but from Vienna , the closest. Spain is definitely Air Europe, it’s their airline, but it’s prices can go up very high so better to book in advance.

Don1t think you have to buy your return ticket at one airline. If you have choosen your destination and your transfer city if needed always check on more airlines with the outbound and iwth the inbound journeys and if you see a better rice anywhere else for the way back, don’t hesitate to book one -way , one-way it’s chepaer. When paying with credit card always see your costs it varies also depending on credit card.

I will continue on this subject in my next chapter. Good travel to all of you!!!