On Disney Cruises

Disney Wonder Cruise ships both operate from the Bahamas, from the their homeport in Port Canaveral along with Castaway Cay, which is the private island of Walt Disney Company. Both cruise ships belong to the Disney Cruise Line, as part of the Walt Disney Company, one of the most succesful and biggest companies in the world.

The Walt Disney Cruises are special crusies designed for and by the Walt Disney company, targeting mainly the families, being the very first cruise line in the industry who has the special aim to become a family cruise line, with providing colorful programs, and various facilities for all ages. Being a family cruise line they are also the very first cruise line who do not include casinos among their facilities.

The Headquarters of the Disney Cruises is located in Celebration, Florida, it is also the main port of the cruises.

Currently there are two wonder cruise ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.

Both have been built in Italy, Disney Magic was the first to start to operate from July 1998. followed by Disney Wonder in the next year’s July. Both ships have the traditional Disney colours, red, dark blue and white both painted with famous Disney animation characters.

Each Disney Wonder Cruise ship has the same capacity and provides the same facilities only with slight differences in their programmes, facilities and in their style: Art Deco interior for the Disney magic and Art Novo for the Disney Wonder. Also, it s only the Disney Wonder that has a proper Conference Center among the two ships.

Both ships has 875 staterooms, in altogether 12 categories from the luxury suite till the normal cabin, inlcuding special rooms for big families and also for handicapped guests.

There are altogether 10 decks on a ship each with different role, most of the entertaining facilities can be found on the 3rd, 4th and 5th decks. Both ships are exclusively designed to be able to entertain just every guests in the very same time. Facilities include the 3 main restaurants for both ships, cafes and bars, various swimming pools for different ages, place for outdoor sports such as running and some adult-only places specially designed for relaxing.

Each guest will eat in all the 3 restarurants, by a special rotation sytem designed by the company, so everyone will find their restaurant tickets provided for each day of their stay including their scheduled time to go to eat.

Each ship provides nursery and playing rooms for children of all ages, inlcuding programmes and places also for teens, in order to secure everyone can have their happy holiday no matter how old they are.

The company will soon expand it s fleet by 2 more boats, both made in Germany this time. The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy  are scheduled to start operating in 2011 and 2012. Both ships will be 2 decks taller than their predecessors, with 375 additional staterooms and with more facilities to offer.