Hola, Hot Tamales!

It has been so long since last I penned a blog. This shall surely produce a divided response. Fury from the true dedicated blog readers and relief at a fresh update, and horror/resignation from the faux-blog reader who secretly hates trawling through the inane stories of this adventure. I shall write on, in the face […]

What’s Up Momma?

Day 3 in LA dawned crisp and sunny … not that Dee and I would know, seeing as we slept in till 12.21pm. I like to blame jetlag (and the Turd Sausage). We both rolled over in our creaky bunks and said ‘well, that’s good in a way … it means we don’t have to […]

Calm Before The Storm

I am writing this three days before our date of departure, more to break the ice than to actually post anything insightful. For those of you unfamiliar with the adventure Dee and I are about to embark upon, it crosses 3 continents, spans approximately 12 countries, comprises 12 flights and a ferry (well, they’re the […]